The main goal of the IDAACS is to provide a forum for high quality reports on the state-of-the-art Theory, Technology and Applications of Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computer Systems as used in measurement, automation, and scientific research, in industry and in business. Rapid developments in these areas have resulted in more intelligent, sensitive, and accurate methods of data acquisition and data processing in manufacturing, in the environmental and medical monitoring systems, in laboratory measurement equipment.

The importance of IDAACS is its vision to establish scientific contacts between research teams and scientists from different countries for future joint research collaborations.

IDAACS provides the opportunity to discuss topics with colleagues from different spheres such as academia, industry, instrumentation and computer manufacturing companies, public and private research institutions and organizations. IDAACS with its truly international character promotes the development of relationships between former Eastern and Western Europe, and with countries from all parts of the globe.

IDAACS 2015 Proceedings are now listed on Thompson Reuters Web of Science database!

We express our deeper sympathy as we have lost our close friend and active member of IDAACS Family Peter Reusch who passed away on October 31, 2016. Peter was a prominent scientist, we never forget his outstanding contribution in founding and developing the IDAACS Conferences. He was one of fathers of IDAACS discussing its concept in the meeting, Minsk, Belarus, 2000 before the very First IDAACS started in Foros, Crimea, Ukraine, 2001. Then Peter was playing an essential role for developing each following IDAACS Conferences in 2003-2015. He established the powerful Stream in Project Management for IDAACS 2007 in Dortmund - where Peter was a Co-Chairman - and chaired actively supported this Stream per each following IDAAC. Peter was a creative person, he never stopped with his new attractive ideas.

The Eternal Memory for Him!

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