Special Issues

The selected papers presented at IDAACS'2011 will be recommended (after extension) for publishing in several recognized journals: International Journal of Computing, Sensors & Transducers Journal, Computer Standards & Interfaces – Elsevier (under consideration) and some others. The selection will be done by the IDAACS'2011 Advisory Board based on the recommendation of Session Chairs.

Further, River Publishers offers a possibility to expand some selected papers to the chapter length and publish them in edited volume. To achieve the form of a compact book there will be published the two books containing 6-12 papers (chapters) each:

  1. "Advanced measuring systems and virtual instrumentation" edited by Prof. Haasz from the Czech Technical University in Prague. (Selected papers from topics Special Stream in Intelligent Testing and Diagnostics of Industrial Systems, Advanced Instrumentation and Data Acquisition Systems, Intelligent Distributed Systems and Remote Control, Virtual Instrumentation Systems)
  2. "Digital image, signal and data processing" edited (preliminary) by Prof. Richard Duro from the University of Coruña. (Selected papers from topics Digital Image and Signal Processing, Data Analysis and Modeling, Intelligent Information Systems, Data Mining and Ontology)

Further the following book is under consideration:

  1. "Robotics and Autonomous or Embedded Systems" (Selected papers from topics Robotics and Autonomous Systems and Embedded Systems)

The selection will be done by the editors mentioned above based on the content of full papers. Authors of selected papers registered to corresponding topics will be asked for their consent.