Travel Grants
  • Region 8 IEEE Voluntary Contribution Fund

    The Voluntary Contribution Fund is created to help IEEE members from less rich countries in Region 8. This support is not intended for living costs or benefits, but for membership activities.

    Necessary conditions for travel support (conditio sine que non):

    • IEEE member from country with average gross income of an electrical engineer under $10000 per year
    • travel to an IEEE sponsored or co-sponsored conference within Region 8
    • active participation on the conference (eg. paper accepted for presentation)
    • money can be used for travel and subsistance, no money given to meet conference fees
    • member must provide all necessary information and originals of receipts

    R8 VCF rules - Conditions of eligibility:

    • Current and at least second year of IEEE membership
    • Paper accepted for presentation at the conference
    • Conference within the geographical area of Region 8
    • Member belongs to Region 8
    • Conference sponsored or co-sponsored by IEEE, society or Region 8 or any of its sections
    • Request on a form designed by R8. The form must bear a signature and/or endorsement of Section Chair, or the endorsement should be sent by e-mail to the VCF coordinator
    • Only applicants who have not been supported by R8 VCF in past 5 years are eligible. Students may get funding twice, to the amount of $1000 in total
    • Only one travel support per paper
    • The maximum amount provided can not exceed $1000
    • R8 committee members are not elegible

    For additional information and necessary forms about Region 8 IEEE Voluntary Contribution Fund visit web-site Itemid=32.