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1 Bowei Hong, Zhiqiang Wei and Yongquan Yang. Research on IPv6 Transition Technology for Digital Ocean
3 Artem Tulenkov, Anzhelika Parkhomenko, Aleksandr Sokolyanskii and Aleksandr Stepanenko. The Features of Wireless Technologies Application for Smart House Systems
4 Valentin-Adrian Nita, Maria Larossa Noguero, Rokas Slinkse, Charlotte Bruschi, Robert Gundacker, Miguel Minarro Martinz, Hubert Mierzwinski, Maxime Richard, Christoph Braun and Thomas Felberbauer. Smart Sensor Box for Alivemaps Based on NB-IOT
7 Hui Xu, Yingchun Fu, Ce Fang, Qianqian Cao and Jun Su. An Improved Binary Whale Optimization Algorithm for Feature Selection of Network Intrusion Detection
8 Hui Xu, Qianqian Cao, Ce Fang, Yingchun Fu and Jun Su. Application of Elephant Herd Optimization Algorithm Based on Levy Flight Strategy in Intrusion Detection
9 Sergiy Melnyk, Khurshid Alam, Abraham Tesfay and Hans Schotten. Hybrid MAC for Low Latency Wireless Communication Enabling Industrial HMI Applications
10 Vladimir Barannik, Mikolaj Karpinski, Vitaly Tverdokhleb, Dmitry Barannik, Viktoria Himenko and Marek Aleksander. The technology of the video stream intensity controlling based on the bit-planes recombination
11 Vasyl Lytvyn, Victoria Vysotska, Yevhen Burov, Іgor Bobyk and Olha Ohirko. The Linguometric Approach for Co-authoring Author’s Style Definition
12 Juan Yang, Zhiwei Ye, Lingyu Yan, Wei Gu and Ruoxi Wang. Modified Naive Bayes Algorithm for Network Intrusion Detection based on Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
13 Shuang Sun, Zhiwei Ye, Lingyu Yan, Jun Su and Ruoxi Wang. Wrapper Feature Selection Based on Lightning Attachment Procedure Optimization and Support Vector Machine for Intrusion Detection
14 Can Jin, Zhiwei Ye, Chunzhi Wang, Lingyu Yan and Ruoxi Wang. A Network Intrusion Detection Method Based on Hybrid Rice Optimization Algorithm Improved Fuzzy C-Means
16 Chunzhi Wang, Pan Wu, Lingyu Yan, Fangyu Zhou and Wencheng Cai. Image retrieval based on fireworks algorithm optimizing convolutional neural network
17 Wei Liu, Yongkun Huang, Xinlu Zong, Heng Shi, Zhiwei Ye and Siwei Wei. Application of lightning search algorithm in localization of Wireless Sensor Networks
18 Yiheng Sun, Zhiwei Ye, Chunzhi Wang, Lingyu Yan and Ruoxi Wang. Research on Network Intrusion Detection Based on Support Vector Machine Optimized with Pigeon-inspired Optimization Algorithm
20 Xu Zhang, Zhiwei Ye, Lingyu Yan, Chunzhi Wang and Ruoxi Wang. Security Situation Prediction based on Hybrid Rice Optimization Algorithm and Back Propagation Neural Network
21 Jelena Bleja, Uwe Grossmann and Henrike Langer. A Collaborative System Business Model for Ambient Assisted Living Systems
22 Kai-Oliver Detken, Marcel Jahnke, Bernd Röllgen and Malte Humann. Integrity and non-repudiation of VoIP streams with TPM2.0 over Wi-Fi networks
24 Wei Liu, Shuai Yang, Shuang Sun and Siwei Wei. A Node Deployment Optimization Method of WSN Based on Ant-Lion Optimization Algorithm
27 Ivan Burlachenko, Iryna Zhuravska, Yevhen Davydenko and Volodymyr Savinov. Vulnerabilities analysis and defense based on MAS method in fast dynamic wireless networks
28 Aqsa Naeem, Naveed Ul Hassan, Muhammad Adeel Pasha, Chau Yuen and Axel Sikora. Performance Analysis of TDOA-based Indoor Positioning Systems using Visible LED Lights
29 Oleksandr Lemeshko, Aymen Al-Dulaimi, Oleksandra Yeremenko and Maryna Yevdokymenko. Comparative analysis of solutions for management of time-frequency resource in LTE downlink
34 Carsten Wolff and Ala Nuseibah. Application Enablement Providers in the Internet of Things
35 Alexander Kuchansky, Andrii Biloshchytskyi, Yurii Andrashko, Vladimir Vatskel, Olena Danchenko, Svitlana Biloshchytska and Igor Vatskel. Combined Models for Forecasting the Air Pollution Level in Infocommunication Systems for the Environment State Monitoring
37 Vasyl Yatskiv, Nataliya Yatskiv, Anatoliy Sachenko, Solomiya Yatskiv and Taras Tsavolyk. Adaptive data transmission protocol for wireless sensor networks based on Residue Number System correcting codes
38 Leonid Moroz, Volodymyr Samotyy and Oleh Horyachyy. An Effective Floating-Point Reciprocal
39 Bohdan Shevchuk, Orest Ivakhiv, Mykhaylo Geraimchuk and Roman Velgan. Adaptive and Secured Transmission of Monitoring Data in Wireless Networks
40 Xiao Zheng, Zhiwei Ye, Jun Su, Hongwei Chen and Ruoxi Wang. Network Intrusion Detection Based on Hybrid Rice Algorithm Optimized Extreme Learning Machine 
42 Wei Liu, Yuanyuan Xiong and Xinlu Zong. Trilateration Positioning Optimization Algorithm Based on Minimum Generalization Error
44 Vitalii Susukailo and Yuriy Lakh. Access Control System Based on Encryption in QR-Code Technology
45 Joanna Michalowska, Arkadiusz Tofil, Jerzy Józwik, Jarosław Pytka, Piotr Budzyński and Ewa Korzeniewska. Measurement of high-frequency electromagnetic fields in CNC machine tools area
46 Hui Xu, Ce Fang, Qianqian Cao, Chaochuan Fu and Lingyu Yan. Application of a Distance-weighted KNN Algorithm Improved by Moth-Flame Optimization in Network Intrusion Detection
47 Sergei Yelmanov and Yuriy Romanyshyn. Rapid No-Reference Contrast Assessment for Wireless-based Smart Video Applications
48 Andreas Walz, Muhammad Haris and Axel Sikora. Investigating and Optimising the DTLS Handshake over Wireless Links with \\High Error Rate and Low Data Rate
49 Jerzy Józwik, Arkadiusz Tofil, Joanna Michałowska, Ewa Korzeniewska, Jarosław Pytka and Piotr Budzyński. Investigation of the effect of the measuring probe orientation on the wireless radio signal transmission in measurements on a CNC machine tool
52 Sergei Yelmanov and Yuriy Romanyshyn. Image Contrast Enhancement for Smart Cameras in Wireless / Mobile Video Applications
53 Mykhailo Klymash, Taras Maksymyuk, Stepan Dumych and Oleg Yaremko. Designing the Industrial and Environmental Monitoring System based on the Internet of Things Architecture
54 Inna Skarga-Bandurova, Marina Derkach and Igor Kotsiuba. The Information Service for Delivering Public Transport Prediction 
56 Zubair Amjad, Axel Sikora, Benoit Hilt and Jean-Philippe Lauffenburger. Latency Reduction for Narrowband LTE with Semi-Persistent Scheduling
58 Yurii Khlaponin, Dmytro Khlaponin, Ihor Trush, Mikolaj Karpinski and Uliana Iatsykovska. Operation analysis and monitoring of information telecommunication networks using neural network technology
59 Piotr Milczarski, Zofia Stawska and Shane Dowdall. Security Systems with Biometry based on Partial View Facial Images Using Geometrical Features
60 Mikolaj Karpinski, Volodymyr Khoma, Valerii Dudykevych, Yuriy Khoma and Dmytro Sabodashko. Autoencoder Neural Networks for Outlier Correction in ECG-Based Biometric Identification
65 Vyacheslav Kharchenko, Oleg Ivanchenko and Serhii Konovalenko. Risk Assessment of Critical Energy Infrastructure Considering Physical and Cyber Assets: Methodology and Models 
66 Halyna Beshley, Maryan Kyryk, Mykola Beshley and Oleksiy Panchenko. Method of Information Flows Engineering and Resource Distribution in 4G/5G Heterogeneous Network for M2M Service Provisioning
67 Volodymyr Pyliavskyi, Serhii Siden, Olena Osharovska and Katerina Neumytykh. Adaptation Video Signal to Spectral Distribution of Light Scource
69 Vasyl Yatskiv, Anatoliy Sachenko, Volodymyr Kochan and Oleksandr Osolinsky. Technique of Green Wave Regulation for Special Purpose Vehicles
70 Taras Maksymyuk, Juraj Gazda, Oleh Yaremko and Denys Nevinskiy. Deep Learning Based Massive MIMO Beamforming for 5G Mobile Network
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