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IDAACS’2015 is available at IEEE Xplore:


Selected Papers for TIM

IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement (TIM) will publish some papers selected on the basis of the results of regular peer review of the manuscripts submitted for consideration by the participants of IDAACS 2015. Each manuscript shall be within the SCOPE of the IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement (click to see Scope of Transactions) and based on a paper published in the IDAACS 2015 Proceedings and presented at IDAACS 2015. Moreover, the manuscript MUST be significantly extended beyond the scope of the proceedings paper (in terms of the overall TECHNICAL content and research results).


Special Issues

It’s also expected to publish the extended versions of the selected papers presented at IDAACS’2015 in Special Issues of several recognized journals: Sensors & Transducers Journal, Elsevier Journal “Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence” , International Journal of Computing and some others. The selection will be done by Session Chairs with a following approval of IDAACS’2015 Co-Chairmen.


River Publishers

River Publishers News: two books from a previous IDAACS’2013 have been accepted for indexing in the Web of Science Book Citation Index. They are: “Advanced Data Acquisition and Intelligent Data Processing” edited by Vladimír Haasz and Kurosh Madani, and “Advances in Intelligent Robotics and Collaborative Automation” edited by Richard Duro and Yuriy Kondratenko.