Tentative Streams and Topics

The conference scope includes, but it’s not limited to:

  1. Special Stream in Advanced Information Technologies in Environmental Sciences
  2. Special Stream in Advanced Testing and Diagnostics
  3. Special Stream in Big Data
  4. Special Stream in Computer Systems for Healthcare and Medicine
  5. Special Stream in Cyber Security
  6. Special Stream in eLearning Management
  7. Special Stream in High Performance Computing
  8. Special Stream in Intelligent Robotics and Components
  9. Special Stream in Project Management
  10. Special Stream in Wireless Systems
  11. Advanced Instrumentation and Data Acquisition Systems
  12. Advanced Mathematical Methods for Data Acquisition and High Performance Computing
  13. Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks for Advanced Data Acquisition and Computing Systems
  14. Bio-Informatics
  15. Data Analysis and Modeling
  16. Embedded Systems
  17. Information Computing Systems for Education and Commercial Applications
  18. Intelligent Distributed Systems and Remote Control
  19. Intelligent Information Systems, Data Mining and Ontology
  20. Special Stream in Quantum Computing
  21. Internet of Things
  22. Pattern Recognition and Digital Image and Signal Processing
  23. Software Tools and Environments
  24. Virtual Instrumentation Systems

It’s our pleasure to invite the interested scientists to organize own Streams.

Topics Call for papers: